Our Mission

At IntegriMedical…

Our mission is to change healthcare globally by reducing needle stick injuries, increasing efficacy of liquid medication via the needle free dispersion to address pharmaceutical shortages and providing patient comfort and compliance through innovation and partnerships.

We envision a world where painful injections are a thing of the past, minimal medication is needed with our efficacy, healthcare workers won’t endure the suffering of a needle stick injury and reduce healthcare waste.

In addition to being an OEM and distributor, we are also a research and development leader providing innovative solutions for the global needle free injection system market.

Our IntegriMedical Needle Free Injection System is highly adaptable and is universally applicable to a variety of medications including, but not limited to, Anesthetics, Vitamins (B12, D, K), Insulin and Vaccines.

Although providing superb OEM solutions is one of our main goals, we ultimately seek to facilitate effective workflow so that healthcare providers can focus on what fundamentally matters, the patients.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Scott McFarland, JD

Co-Manager | Scott@IntegriMedical.com

With four successful health/medical “start-ups to strategic exits” under his belt, Scott is looking forward to leveraging his more than two decades of early stage company executive management experience on behalf of IntegriMedical and its investors.

An actively practicing intellectual property attorney since 1997, Scott has a highly-differentiated skill set that uniquely combines law, health/medical delivery systems, finance, and risk management that sustainably scales pre-revenue companies to P&Ls and Balance Sheets that result in defensible multiples and efficient acquisitions for strategic and private equity buyers.

In addition to start-ups, Scott has held top- level positions at multiple leading health care organizations including: the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) where he served as CEO, Cleveland Clinic where he served as its first President of Population Health, and Healthways where he led innovation, product development, and product management. He is a graduate of Purdue University and Drake University Law School.

Mark Timm

Co-Manager | Mark@IntegriMedical.com

Mark is a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has started 15 businesses with 7 strategic exits and 5 acquisitions.

Mark’s most recent equity event was a top 25 Amazon retail operation and his most recent acquisition being IntegriMedical.

He has extensive senior management experience in sales, marketing, and OEM supply chain management. Mark has also traveled to Asia over 30 times and is very skilled in importing, exporting and overseas production. Mark targets opportunities in significant growth categories with the intent of scaling profitably and exiting through strategic equity events.

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