Frequently Asked Questions:

How should the user be prepared for injecting?

The user should be informed about the release noise of the injector to prevent defensive arm movement or startle reflex.

The injector button will not depress. What could be the cause?

In order to depress the injector button the spring of the main unit needs to be activated. To prepare the injection system for use, insert the injector into the loader with the head aligned to the sliding plunger of the loader base. Firmly push down on the loader until it closes. Open and remove injector which is now activated and ready for use.

What are the adapters for?

The adapters are for the transfer of liquid drugs from conventional medicine containers into the syringes of the needle-free Injection device. Up to now, conventional medicine containers are designed for injection by needle (cannula), e.g. pen cartridges, piercing of injection vials or snap-off ampoules.

How many times can the adapter be used?

The Adapter is a disposable product intended to be used on one medication vial.

Is changing of the injection site recommended?

Yes, the injection site should be changed in the same way as with a conventional needle.

How should the patient be positioned for injecting?

The patient should be sitting upright in a relaxed position. The time between positioning and releasing the injector should be kept as brief as possible with children and especially restless patients.

Is bleeding possible?

Bleeding does not usually occur. As with needle injections, needle-free injection device might cause some damage to the uppermost capillaries. In rare instances, this might cause a pin-sized drop of blood to appear at the needle free injection site. This is more likely to occur if the user has been taking medication to treat cardiovascular disease or normal aspirin for pain relief.

Why has some residual medication remained on the skin?

If this occurs, not all of the medication has been administered as part of it remains on the skin. Residual medicine on the skin is caused by the device not being placed firmly enough on the skin or not being applied vertically. Please ensure the next time that the injector is placed on the skin firmly and vertically. Press the injector firmly onto the injection site until the skin is clearly dented and the syringe tip is completely enclosed by the skin.

Keep the syringe pressed against the skin for 5 seconds after completing the injection.

What are the minimum and maximum quantities of medication that can be administered per application?

A minimum of 0.1 ml and a maximum of 0.5 ml of a liquid drug can be administered.

Can the syringes be used again?

No. In order to guarantee sterility and function, the syringes are intended to be used once only.